Pulling CMS items from multiple websites onto a main website

I’d like to create a database of information on the “Mother Website” that pulls CMS items from the “Clone Websites”.

Essentially a bunch of clients would be updating their CMS items on their own and the Mother site would be reflecting those changes in either real time or published after approval. This can obviously be done with custom code and in the long run may be better off built outside of webflow considering the actual websites and CMS database is the product, but I don’t have enough money saved up yet to hire a proper team of developers.

I’ve heard rumours that Webflow is actually a bunch of individual websites hooked up into one, so maybe it’s possible but not really what it was intended for?

Do you guys think this would be best done through the Webflow API, a custom back-end dev, or by using airtable + make?

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First of all, with native webflow functionalities you can’t export a CMS site.

A service https://stacket.app could help you if you want to export several sites and then hook all into one site.

I have a few customers on PowerImporter that are doing this by using Airtable as their single source of truth. They define a view in Airtable for each site, and setup PowerImporter to sync those Airtable records from one view to one Webflow site.

You could do the same and then also setup PowerImporter to sync ALL records to the mother site.

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