Should I use Cloud Flare with Webflow?


I’ve seen nice posts explaining how to integrate Webflow and Cloudflare but nothing mentioning why or what benefits you get from it.

Is it necessary/worth it to use Cloudflare with Webflow? Do you guys normally do that? I’m not a CDN specialist but I understand what it does. Just not sure how 2 of them work stacked together.

I use Webflow paid hosting plans which I understand already include CDN. Is it a good idea to add another CDN on top of it? Or does Cloudflare just replaces Webflow’s CDN?



Bump! I´m interested too in the answer to this question.

Yes, I highly recommend using Cloudflare for DNS. Previously, I was using GoDaddy for DNS which stinks! I changed the nameservers to Cloudflare’s and just do my DNS management through them. Have never had a single issue over the past 2 years and my site is faster than before. As far as CDN goes, I’m not sure if I am using that feature, but it’s definitely worth it to use Cloudflare’s DNS and free SSL (set to FULL). They’re a really cool company.