Best configuration here behind Cloudflare DNS/Proxy?

I’ve searched and there’s very limited info on Cloudflare here. As such, I thought I’d just ask this: How can I best configure my WebFlow sites when they’re behind Cloudflare with a Basic plan?

#Specific Cloudflare features I want supported:

  • Full Cloudflare proxying (i.e. all orange clouds in the DNS config)
  • Strict SSL support with HSTS enabled

#Specific WebFlow features I want supported:

  • SSL
  • Reliably works

#Problems/concerns/questions from experimenting so far:

  1. It seems that every time the “Hosting” tab refreshes it revalidates my DNS. When I first setup the site, I do it with vanilla DNS entries (gray clouds so it’s normal DNS w/o proxying) but after the initial validation I switch Cloudflare to advanced proxying setup (orange clouds). But the moment I change that and refresh the Web Flow “Hosting” tab, it starts to complain again about my DNS being invalid because of the revalidation. Is this an actual problem or are these all messages that can be safely ignored with everything perpetually functioning perfectly fine moving forward? Or perhaps asked in a different way, is there a grace period where the site will go down if I don’t fix the DNS (I will never “fix” it because this is the state I want it to work in)?
  2. Are there any specific settings in CloudFlare that Web Flow requires I set as long as I keep the “DNS Proxy” stuff working correctly?
  3. Are there any specific settings in Web Flow that must be set to keep these two systems working correctly? I can imagine some of the more proxy-like settings could have certain values set (like minifying, image CDNs, etc.).
  4. In this case, I intend to get this setup so a non-technical person can administer the Web Flow site. In doing so, as long as they stay hands-off on the Hosting tab, are there other non-obvious things they can do to cause the partnership between Cloudflare and Web Flow to fail?

I’d appreciate the help here! And if the situation is simply that what I’m trying to do is a bad idea, please say so. My goal is to get this setup and working for my business user and to otherwise remain hands-off other than my infrastructure manipulation I do at the Cloudflare level - I just need to get my business guy up and running quickly with an informational site that he’s “technical enough” to manage on his own.

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