Using Webflow with Cloudflare to cache and speed up your Webflow Projects

We’ve recently started using Cloudflare with a lot of our projects to speed up the sites, especially ones with heavy image content. Webflow can be a bit of a bugger when it comes to Cloudflare so we’ve create a post on how to get Cloudflare to proxy all your content, including the Webflow files such as images that don’t ‘sit’ on your domain but rather on the Webflow CDN so that Cloudflare can optimise those as well and not just you HTML. You can find it here.

We’ve seen some great improvements to many projects, especially ones where clients don’t continue to optimise images after we hand over the site, not to mention the great page rules and cache control settings you get with Cloudflare.

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@flashsites Nice, never knew this existed, which is great as you can still utilise the CMS while also using Github and whomever you want after that. Most project we like to handover and forget if they don’t need ongoing work, so might be a hassle as a lot of our clients like to just use the Editor for changes and then hit publish and forget. So think this solution might have more for them to handle than they’d like. With Cloudflare we just create their page rules and they can manage Webflow.

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Actually, with that solution you also just change stuff in Webflow, publish and forget. Since the app auto exports it for you and auto pushes it for you to a location you setup one-time for example Vercel. So in the end its the same result but with a lot more benefits.