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Are there benefits to CDNs like CloudFlare beyong Webflow's CDN?


I would like to find out if switching a Webflow site ( to CloudFlare CDN has any benefits VS. using Webflow’s CND?

For example: Speed, security, etc.


@webdes This is a great question!

Webflow relies of Fastly… which is a pretty stellar CDN. I’ve linked a comparison which breaks down the benefits including server locations and features provided. If you are using Webflow hosting - use the Webflow (Fastly) CDN. I do not see the benefit from trying to backdoor Cloudflare… in fact I’m not even sure it’s possible due to the inaccessibility of Webflow’s server infrastructure - someone correct me if I’m wrong :smile:

If you are exporting the code and hosting elsewhere you won’t be able to take advantage of Webflow’s implementation of Fastly anyway.

All that being said, lets say you figure out a way to implement Cloudflare on a Webflow hosted site, you’ll be paying for Fastly regardless because it’s likely built into the Webflow pricing model for hosting.

Link as promised:


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