Shopping cart api/webhook


I’m new to Webflow e-commerce. I have built a complete site for my client, but unfortunately there is no IDeal integration with Webflow. Because I live in the Netherlands, IDeal is essential. So I coded in python a Stripe Gateway checkout. The only thing is that I need the items, price and quantity out of the shopping cart in my code. Is that possible to do?

I hope I explained it enough.

Hi @Guus :wave: welcome to the forum.

This is fairly straightforward.

You’ll want to setup a Webhook on every new order to automatically get that data out in real-time, as the order happens:

That’s a screenshot of the items you’re looking for, found on Webflow’s developer docs.

To setup a Webhook that captures this use the Webflow Webhook Creator tool:

And choose the ecommerce new order option:

Now you can send that info anywhere you like by filling out the destination url :smile:

If you’d like to get some high level overviews or a walk through of setting up stuff like this, checkout a few tutorials:

Hope that helps!

Hi @ChrisDrit,

Thank you so so much for your reply. I have a lot from your reply.

I recently finished my Python application that make it possible to integrates Stripe Payment (with ideal) with Webflow.

contact met if you want this integration: