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Shopify to Webflow

I was recently using Shopify to launch and run my store.
But I wanted to use Webflow now But I am unable to upload Exported Products CVS from Shopify to Webflow Products Collection.
What is the best way to do that?
Please help @Nelson

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Take a look at this it might help you

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When I am exporting from Shopify.
Which one I select CSV for excel,numbers or Plain one?

@KamranImtiaz CSV for Excel numbers

Why i am getting this error?

This is format exported from shopify.
What should I do?

Without digging in to it it looks that the formation is wrong. In Shopify you are using 10 * 10 Formation. That will not work in Webflow since Webflow wants the lenght in a single number.

You have to split your Shopify export in to 2 fields. I asume your Shopify values is lenght and width, and that is how you have to split it out in the file you want to import to Webflow

Okay so What I have to do is just split that in two.

Yes try to change the Shopify values to use the same format as Webflow

Variamt lenght (one field) Variant width (one field). That should work,

PS. The Shopify import took alot of time for met to, hang in there. Have to go for a meeting now will check in later


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Thanks Alot @JanneWassberg

@KamranImtiaz did it work now?

Yeah it worked.
Actually I am selling carpets and their size is in 2-3-4ft not in inches.
But Webflow calculate in inches only what should I do?
Any easy workaround that because I have over 10k products to show.

This is a tricky one. What are you using the size for. Information, postal fee??

Why not recalculate the values in your spred sheet before importing?

You mean converting size into inches?

Yes, will it work for youn or not

But it will make things really difficult for customer to estimate how big that carpet is.

It depens on your presentation. If you only going to use it for customer information it really dsen’t matter wahts in the field. You can set your own label on the product page

Is there any way I can create extra field inside Product collection for size and then import size into that field from csv?

No, the product collection do not allow any custom fields when importing. I have tried

But you can cheet the system. If you are noy using all fields Hight, Width and length you can use one of theese fields

I’m doing something similair with weight to get the systen to calculate the freight the way i want it to