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WebFlow Ecommerce Import/Export CSV

I am using a Webflow ecommerce site template and I’m having trouble figuring out how to use the import/export feature for the ecommerce CSV product list.

I added some custom data fields to my site but when I export the product listing as a CSV file, the custom fields that I added don’t show up in the exported file. Is there a way to view the newly added fields in the exported CSV file?

I can’t figure out which CSV fields correspond to which product fields and I want to be able to bulk upload the newly added custom fields into my product database.

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Hi import and export in eCom do not work with custom fields. Sorry

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Thanks for the short and succinct answer, Janne!

Is there a way to work around this? I. have 96 product items to import with unique custom field properties to apply and it would take FOREVER to manually click into each product and apply them to each product. Why can’t the csv imported work just like a regular CMS collection?

It depends what you mean by “custom fields”, but during my testing, I’ve been able to update product items with PowerImporter (I’m the maker).

Sign up for early access and I’ll activate your beta account right away. I would love to know if it works for your use case. Otherwise, it will give me an example to help me build that feature.


Hey there, does your product work for general cms and e-commerce cms? I think the issue we all have run into is the with the e-commerce cms product you are very limited to what fields you can auto import. The rest have to be manually updated which is a nightmare considering I have thousands. I appreciate your response!