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How to collect form submissions in Airtable from an exported site

or alternatively, How to find the action URL in Zapier to use in form settings.

I am using the Webflow form element but on my self hosted site, and so I am trying to figure out how to collect form submissions in Airtable. After failing to figure that out, i thought i would try to use Zapier as a bridge, however I can’t work out how to succeed here either and any pointer would be much appreciated. This helpful support article has some info, and includes a handy demo for Mailchimp, but i can’t figure out where to find the required form action URL in Zapier (or Airtable) so that I can paste it into my form settings.

Thanks in advance,


Hey @danieledgood, I think you need tool like to collect emails. Next you can connect Email provider through Zapier with Airtable.