Service Collection Page with sub features as CMS

Ok. Really getting stuck here!
Wants in CMS:

  1. Services as a CMS Page.
  2. Service features as cCMS Collcetion on that page

So I guess you can place a collection list on a collection page and filter it to only show if it’s tied to that collection you’re currently viewing - at least if it’s a multi reference field I mean.

So let’s say I have “service A”, I want to also list 6 boxes that will have an icon, heading and description - these 6 boxes will describe what the service does.

However, I really don’t want to make those 6 things as CMS Fields In that collection - it’ll take up 18 fields by itself !!!

So I created a CMS called service features and then added it as a multi reference to the services CMS.
Then I run into the problem I described above.

Anyone else have an idea or is just adding those fields the only way to go ?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hooray !
Actually I finally figured it out. You CAN place a collection list on a page that is a multi reference.
But when you place it - you need to indicate you’re using the multi reference part and not just the whole list… see screenshot for example. Fixed !!