Create Tabs that utilize multi reference field

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On my Service Template collection page I’m trying to create a TAB like interface that displays data from the Service Features collection which is a multi reference field in the services collection.
I can’t do this with tabs because I can’t link the fields to the service feature multi reference collection.
So As you’ll see I’ve set out on creating this manually.

The problem I’m having is: My “Div Feature Content” block is displaying ALL features associated to the current service.
I need it to only display the selected service from the text block in my “Div Feature Options” block.
I’ve tried to find something that would allow me to capture the selected value of the text block with no luck.

This is my first website (and 2rd month playing with it in webflow).
Any help would be great…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I found away around my problem.
I created added a numerical field in my CMS ‘Service Features’ collection. I use it to sort my names and it doing that, the order is specific. I then set a condition on my content panel to show content for only that number.

Being able to use a multi reference field for a tab element on a collection page would be ideal.