Unable to add nested collection with a reference to an entirely different collection

Desired & Attempted Solution depicted in the linked project.

However nested collections are forced to be referencing a multi-field and are not allowed to reference a separate collection with a filter filtering the child items by the parent collection type. Am I missing something?

That is:
Is there another way to layout the cms to have a collection of parent types and nested within each parent type is a collection of children that are filtered based on the parent type without having a multi-field inside the “service type” with all the associated child “services”?

The multi-field ref becomes really messy after a couple dozen services since it’s very hard to make sure all the “services” have an associated parent “service type”.

Here is my public share link: LINK

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I’m with you on this. It seems odd that you can’t nest a collection on a ‘Reference’ rather than ‘Multi-reference’ field especially when the prior seems more straightforward relationship.

I’m facing the same problem. We have an author and a blog post collection. We set the authors for the blog post from the blog post table (since it’s easy for our authors to just put their name on the content entry when they author it).

However, we have an authors page which uses a collection list from the authors table. In each collection item, we want to list out the blog posts the person has authored. However, this is impossible with the current limitation of the nested collection having to be a Multi-reference field in the Author table.

Our only work around is that when an author makes a blog post, they go into the authors table and then add the blog post to their entry in the authors table. It’s messy and unreliable to ensure every blog post has an author.

Has anyone figured a better way around this? Highly doubt this is going to be fixed anytime soon.

I’m facing the same issue. Did you find an answer?