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How can I add Servives Types on Service page In my project
Hi! Everyone
Above is the readonly
What I want to do is I have a Collection named Services(Embroidery, DTG) and on their collection page I want to add services types for that one service.
And I want to use CMS so I dont have to do it for every service

Here is link of our old site and under creative services you can find all the services and open any one of then then it has different types within
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Hi @KamranImtiaz,

Just off the top, without seeing it, you’ll need 3 collections.

  1. Person name
  2. Service
  3. Service Type

You’ll use a multi-reference for the Service and Service Type on the Person’s name. It will trigger when it’s presently binded on the template page.

This can get a little tough to type up without looking at it, but this is how I would start. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks alot.
If I use Multi reference field it will automatically trigger right nfo to right page.

Yep, if it’s present in the Person Name collection. You’ll have a field there called Services and Service Type, but it will be the Multi-reference. Then you just click and scroll to that person’s service and type.

I have this in my portfolio work. Some work had logos, others had content copy, etc… you know what I mean.