Use field from multi-reference as a filter for collection list in a static page


In this website I’m working on, there are two relevant CMS collections: Services and Case Studies. There are also four relevant static pages relating to the four major types of services this company provides: Account Management, PPC Advertising, Website Marketing, and Creative Services.

The ‘Services’ collection list has an option field where each service is categorized under its major umbrella service. For example, ‘Photography’ would be under ‘Creative Services’.

Case Studies has a multi-reference field where they can add whatever services were provided in that case study. For example, they might’ve done Photography for that client and so ‘Photography’ would show up as a tag.

My issue is with the static pages for each of the 4 main services. Initially, this was also a collection, but since it’s just 4 and the plan is to have each be designed pretty differently, it makes more sense to keep it static.

At the bottom of each ‘Services’ page, the client wants Case Studies that only pertains to the service that the user is currently viewing. My initial plan was to add a collection list with 4-ish case studies and filter. If I’m in the Creative Services page for example, I would want to filter case studies with ‘services’ that only correspond to ‘Creative Services’ in their CMS field. But I can’t quite filter that deep. How would someone go about this?

I think you must be referring to your static Category pages here rather than the actual Services collection page? If so, then yes that’s correct, you can’t “reach” that far using Webflow’s design environment.

You’ve got a few options here…

Take a “featured” case study approach. This would probably be done by creating a Categories collection, put your 4 categories in it, and then a multiref that identifies the ~4 case studies you want to depict. Tradeoff is duplicate references and admin, but it’s easily implemented.

Solve the problem with custom code. Most likely using multiple collection lists and a custom filtering algorithm to show only relevant case studies. This gives you the exact behavior you’re after. Tradeoff is coding work.

Ah dang, was hoping for some secret no-code route I didn’t learn about yet. Looks like the easiest way would be to add a new field for each of the case studies to use a filter then. Not a huge deal.