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Serious issue with non-existent symbol still showing up on live ecommerce site!

I have a Symbol, “Cookies Banner”, which I deleted all instances of yesterday. Yet it still shows 14 instances, and even worse, shows up on the LIVE website, even though all instances have been deleted.

I’ve contacted webflow support but their response times are just not acceptable, especially for e-commerce customers.

Has anyone else faced this issue, and if so, how was it solved?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can share.


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The “Cookies Banner” is used on the home page. So “all instances” is not correct. Did you publish your changes after making them?

Hi Jeff,

It’s not on the Home page; I deleted the Symbol from every page. And it still says “14 instances”.
If it was just on the Home page (it isn’t, and if it is, I can’t see it), it should say “1 instance”.

And yes, I published the changes several times.

Also, on the LIVE site, it shows up on several pages… Even though every instance has been deleted… and published.

Just to be clear, don’t be fooled by the little cookie icon in the left corner. That’s part of a new, fully GDPR compliant element I added and is not a Symbol. I’m talking about the “Cookies Banner” symbol which has no instances, yet shows 14 and appears on the LIVE website.

You should inspect the navigator (expand it) to see the use of symbols on a page. This is the home page…

Shared with CloudApp

So we can see that it is being used. Currently I show three instances of that symbol.

Hi Jeff, I was writing this as you responded…

Quick update. I found where the (one) Symbol was hiding. Somehow, it had become a nested Symbol within one of the other Symbols.

I’m not going to speculate as to how that may have happened, suffice it to say I’ve experienced several strange - let’s call them “anomalies” - with Webflow that Support has yet to find an answer for.

Be that as it may, I removed the offending nested Symbol (“Cookies Banner”). Yet it still showed as being present in (this time) 13 instances.

I was under the impression that any change to one Symbol, made the change in every instance of that Symbol? This obviously doesn’t happen automatically with nested Symbols, or there’s a bug…

I had to go into each page where the Symbol was present - the one it was nested in - and enter that Symbol, before it would register as being removed… Every time I did this, the “Instance” count went down by one…

You were obviously inspecting when it was down to 3… (Thanks again for your assistance by the way, much appreciated).

Right now I can still see it says “1 Instance”, which I’ve checked on every page, but still can’t find… I’ve even checked every page LIVE.

Thanks again, will update with any further findings.

God bless.

And I just checked the Home page again, and it was there as in your picture, even though (I could swear) that was the first one I removed…

Thanks again Jeff.

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