Webflow Pages - Wordpress Plugin - SEO

Hello Everyone

I used the Wordpress plugin “Webflow Pages”. Everything works fine.

But now I need to know where the SEO (Open Graph Title /
Open Graph Description) must be made. Does it take over the SEO from Wordpress or do you have to create it separately in Webflow?

Thanks for the help.

The plugin proxies and caches pages from your Webflow site and serves the ENTIRE HTML on the path you set. So anything you want included on the page needs to exist in Webflow.

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Super thank you.

And what about the website ranking? Does the ranking of the original URL increase or that of the redirected (webflow page)?

If the ranking of the original site does not increase, it doesn’t make much sense to use this plugin.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

The content is served from two locations, the Wordpress site and the published URL on Webflow. You would want to have a robots.txt exclusion on the Webflow site so not to incur a duplicate content penalty,

As I already said the ENTIRE HTML Document is served by Wordpress and that means that for all practical purposes (SEO included) the page is on your WP Site. Since the plugin is free, a test site on WF is free, and WP is free, you can roll up your sleeves and test it.

All right. I test it out.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I would like to replace every page of a complete website with the plugin.

Instead of creating a robots.txt for each individual page, you could also use “Disable Subdomain Indexing” for the entire page.

Would that also work?

Really have to be very sure because the website is a source of income.

Thank you again.