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SEO – Site not showing up on Google in target country

I have created a website on Webflow in the UK, but the primary target audience of the website are citizens of Milan in Italy. The website was designed in English and then the content was manually translated to Italian.

I am having some issues with SEO. It appears that the website isn’t showing up in Google search results in Italy. I have written all of the meta-data in Italian, and have verified the site with Google.

Am I missing a trick?

Website is

I appreciate any help please.

Hi LiamDargan!
There’s lots of reasons why/if websites don’t show up in google’s results. It can just take 6 months to a year sometimes for articles to start ranking.
Blogs can be a good way to get ranking, mostly because it shows google something they can show to people using google.
There are things like image size, page loading speed…
Have you looked at google’s local business stuff? Are you using hrefs?
Are people not finding the site when looking for the website/company name? Or for things like ‘sustainable business Milan?’

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Purely agreed with the reasons @sarahfrison outlined.
Also, I would like to suggest using region centered long-tail keywords.

For example; if your website is about website development. You can use, ‘web development company in Italy’ and ‘best web development services in Italy.’

This will help your website to show up in the Google list but also you have to be patient with the efforts.

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Thanks! Love learning about SEO so if I can help others :slight_smile: .

Definitely it works…but for the results there is a need of patience.