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SEO Question - My site is not coming up at the top of my search results

I recently released a site through Webflow (3 weeks or so ago). Do you know how I’d improve my SEO, so my site comes up as one of the top few items in a search? Currently, it shows up on the 3rd page of results which isn’t very helpful.

I’m not sure if my Meta Title and Description are weak, or there are additional things I need to do to improve my SEO?

Thanks very much for any insight or assistance.

Is this a new site/domain or a site that you rebuilt in Webflow and repointed the domain? Could you provide a link to the site?

This is a new site I built. I purchased and managed my domain through GoDaddy and have owned the Domain Name for over a year. It was not pointing at a previous site, just a placeholder page they provided.

My site is:


I forgot to mention. I followed your configuration instructions to point to a custom domain at GoDaddy. I believe I set this up correctly.

Hey @toverbaugh in your original post you said you performed a search and you aren’t appearing in the search results where you would like.

What search terms or phrases are you using in your search?

Edit: Also do you have a Google account for Google Webmaster and Google AdWords?

The search terms I was testing with were
“Tad Overbaugh”
“Tad Overbaugh Beauty & Barbed Wire”

I don’t have the Google accounts you mentioned. Is that something I need to setup and overlooked?


Having a Google account and adding your website to the Webmaster tools will help get your website indexed more quickly. It’s free.

Try this and get back to us in a week or so. By then, your website should come up in Google :smile:

Good luck

Registering your site with Google Webmasters will give you stats about your site and how people are finding it through google.

AdWords lets your research Key words and Key word phrases to help you plan what you want to target in your content and Meta Tags.

For SEO generally you are competing with other websites trying to convince the Google algorithm that their site as the best information about a search term.

This includes the meta tags, but more importantly the structure of the site, the quality of the content and the authority of the site.

Because of this SEO is a long and ongoing process.

Some things you should consider for SEO;

  • Some easy things you could do would be to add the ALT attribute to
    all of your images. A natural description about what the image is.

  • I would also declare the language of the site, you can do this from
    the dashboard in Webflow.

  • Page title should have the title or brand of the site and Key words that describe the page. Evaluate how many of the people you are trying to target or going to use the Terms “Offical Site” To try and Find you. “Tad Overbaugh - Singer Songwriter, London” would perform better for someone who is searching for a singer in London.

  • Consider re-writing your body copy because it is exactly the same as the site . This duplication will not help your SEO.

  • I would also consider using text for your name rather then an image. You can then wrap your name in a H1 tag.

  • You can also work on increasing the authority of the site by getting other trusted sites to link to yours. The best way to do this is to create high quality content that others will want to link to.

  • Improve your HTML structure. Currently you have a H1 tag for “Beauty & Barbed Wire Reviews” which is part of your press section more then half way down the page. You have no H2 tags and 4 H3 tags. I would recommend having your name in a H1 tag at the top of the website, instead of the image. Then write descriptive titles for each section with H2 tags. Use H3 tags for anything that is related to an H2 tag.

This will create a site structure that looks like this

  • Tad Overbaugh (H1)
  • About (H2)
  • Music (H2)
    • Album 1 (H3)
    • Album 2 (H3)
    • Album 3 (H3)
  • Shows (H2)
  • Press (H2)
  • Contact (H2)

@PixelGeek and @DavidN - BIG thanks for all of this info. I haven’t had a musician site up since 2008 and there is clearly more to SEO in 2015.

I will give all a try.

Thx again.

@Davidn is giving good info here. I’d add that making sure your social media is linked well is also helpful. Structure and content along with Page Titles and Descriptions that highlight or reinforce your content are good ideas. As far as text for the name (logo) vs an image. As long as you are giving your image a name and alt text I think it’s fine. For example your title of the image could be Tad-Overbaugh-Musician-Main-Logo. I’ve used this approach on a number of sites and it works well.

Using the Htags will certainly help!

@jdesign thank you as well! I appreciate the knowledge share on this topic.