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Webflow SEO / Search Appearance

Hi all

The way my site is indexed is different to the info I’ve put into webflow. Now - I have recently changed it (again), so google should update it fairly soon. I hope. However, the information that appears when you google my business name is neither the default information on the template i altered, or the information I’ve entered!! So where has it come from and how can I alter it.

3 things specifically (see image):

  1. I have never typed ‘Brand’ as a page title
  2. I have never had ‘about us’ as a page title
  3. The page description for ‘contact us’ has never been that, that was the homepage page description.

Thoughts welcome on this!

If you share your Webflow Link, I’ll take a look. If you have changed your pages’ SEO data and the SEO data for the site under settings and published and stuff still isn’t exactly the same then it might be Google isn’t pulling all of a description but just part for the sub areas.

As far as the about us. Did the template have one and you originally published?

Hi @mampiharry, here is an article how Webflow uses SEO on the site and in individual pages:

You should check that the template did not already have some SEO titles on the individual pages. If there is template example data in the SEO fields, change that to what you want and then republish :slight_smile: I hope this helps, Cheers, Dave

Hi guys

Thanks - really quick response, I’ve shown myself up by being so slow to reply!

Link is here:

@jdesign- it would be greatif you could take a look.

The original template was easy template. As far as i know I didn’t publish anything with that. I’ve made sure it’s all correct in my pages now… so with any luck it’s just a minor glitch and google will reindex. However, it hasn’t changed so far… just worried something else might be at play

Didn’t realize I couldn’t look at the page SEO in the Share link. I’d just make sure you have updated each pages SEO (title, description) and then resubmit everything including sitemap to Google.