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SEO on Dynamic pages?

Is there a way that I can SEO individual dynamic pages? Absolutely love dynamic pages and the ease of setting them up, but if I have different content - like Real Estate listings - it seems counter to what the web is about to not be able to tell search engines what the specific page is about. Am I missing something?

Ok. Found this

hi @jtk - this may be what you’re after? It’s on the forum! - easy to set up - just add additional fields to a collection for Meta Title and Meta Description and follow this:

Regards Kai

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Ha! You beat me to it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link Keejo. I am working through this slowly. It is a lot to take on at one time when starting from “just above” total ignorance!

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My pleasure - good luck! Don’t be so hard on yourself! :wink: If you can create a CMS collection, you can do this! :ok_hand: Best wishes! Kai

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