Dynamic SEO Content for Page Templates

It would be great if Template pages (i.e., “Blog Posts” based on a collection of blog posts) could pull dynamic information into each individual page’s SEO fields (i.e., “blog post summary” could be used to populate meta description.

Currently, my content editor can’t edit the SEO information for an individual blog post page in the CMS. To make the CMS feature scalable and SEO-friendly, please allow for multiple references in SEO information!

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Hey Elizabeth, we’re working on this already - will do exactly what you describe :smiley:


I know you don’t like to answer this but I might be lucky :grinning: Any eta on this? Weeks, months or even year?

@callmevlad Any updates on this feature? Thanks! :smile:

@Elizabeth_Crouch @jorn It’s already in testing, so should be landing soon :smile:


@callmevlad Thats great news! Perfect timing for my project.

Is this coming soon. For portfolio pieces and blog posts it’s really essential. :grinning:

@thesergie Any updates on when this is going to be available?

Yes, very soon - we should have it live within a week if all goes well :thumbsup:


This is great! Keep up the good work guys :beers:

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This is EXCELLENT news!

Anything on this yet? Has it been released?

Hey @cgxix yes this has been released! :slight_smile: It’s awesomely fantastic!

For more information check out this page: http://help.webflow.com/faq/how-to-edit-your-sites-seo-meta-title-and-description

Let me know if you have any questions. :smile:



THIS is awesome.

We can even do it in the custom code sections. That’s amazing.

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It’s… it’s… so easy :smiley:


This is really great. But what about Twitter cards? Any chance you could add a Twitter card protocol for pages and collections like you’ve done for SEO meta data and OG? This will make your B2B and eCommerce customers so, so, so happy.