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[SEO] – Issues with Google indexing after relaunch

Hi guys,

I’ve relaunched a client’s website with webflow. It’s my second webflow project, but first relaunch.
Did a lot of research into 301 redirects etc. and was quite optimistic.

Now I have some problems with search console, maybe someone can help:


  • Created and added sitemap to robots in the seo settings
  • Double checked all DNS records, everything looks fine (Both a records and the cname to ssl-proxy)
  • Both domains (www. and .) seemed to be connected. Godaddy is my provider - there is no rootdomain connection.

my problems with gsc:

  • Google search console states that my live-indexing doesn’t work because of redirect error.
  • Google search console doesn’t accept my sitemap, even when it states the right amount of pages.

I can provide screenshots, if necessary.

If anyone could help, I would be really grateful.


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In order for a test / debug a URL is required. Can you not provide?

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sure thing, thanks for your reply:

I am getting a redirect loop on your site. What do you have in your hosting -> redirects settings?

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I’ve made some 301 redirections from old page since page structure has changed.
Please find loom video for setting view:

@havana - Is your site published? Do you have any redirect scripts on the home page itself? Can you provide a screenshot of your hosting settings (domains)?

thank you @webdev,

yes, site is published. You can visit it under links mentioned above.
I don’t think that I’ve made any redirect scripts, but can you give any example of redirect scripts?

you can find domain settings in video at the end or screen attached:

Thanks again, really appreciate your help on this.

Question: is enable SSL “on” in project settings and can you see your site?

Yes, ssl is on and I can see my site.

Can’t you visit / see it?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-06 um 15.39.21

Nope. I just tested a local machine and one in the cloud. Curious as DNS looks good. I don’t have an answer as to the issue. if your problem persists open a trouble ticket with WF.


Brandon here with the Webflow Customer Support Team!

This is because the subdomain www. is not set as the default domain:

Please hover near the red arrow and click on the “grey” Make Default button that shows.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Hello @WebDev_Brandon,

thanks for stopping by.

I’ve set the subdomain as default domain and published again.
Maybe you can check if you can visit / see page now?


Yep, Its there now.

Keep in mind, when you use the A and CNAME records, the www MUST always be set to Default.

@WebDev_Brandon really appreciated.

That was easy, but now everything works just fine.
Google Search console gets sitemap and indexing works as well.

Cheers and thank to both of you. Stay healthy.


Hi there!

I think I’m having the same issue on a site of mine.

When the site was previously hosted. It was using the naked domain (non-www.)

Why should we use www. ?

I am getting a lot of issues in google search console when I try and ‘request indexing’. It will often say that there is a
Page fetch Failed: Crawl anomaly
Redirect Error
URL will be indexed only if [certain conditions] are met

My website is btw