Google Search Console: Cannot be indexed - Redirect Error

Hi there,

Google notified me that my page cannot be indexed.

URL is not available to Google
It cannot be indexed

Crawled as: Googlebot desktop
Crawl allowed? Yes
Page fetch error: Failed: Redirect error

I just recently registered this domain and when I actually wanted to publish my page, I realized that the domain was formerly used for phishing and therefore blacklisted. So I got the blacklisting removed from google, avira, avast,… yeah

Yeah, then the page wouldn’t load because of too many redirects and I figured out that I had to set the www. version as default. Done

And now this :smiley:

Thank you for your help already!

ps: this one may be related to a former forum post, see [SEO] – Issues with Google indexing after relaunch - #16 by connorforsyth