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I can't make google index my website

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new to webflow, and made the site down below in the link. I’ve connected my domain to it, and it seems to work through the direct link. However, google doesn’t want to index my site. When I use the google search console it tells me that it isn’t indexed and that this isn’t because of a mistake. That means that it doesn’t follow the guidelines I guess.
However, I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, I have checked the basic things, and it all seems okay. It’s quite a small site. Is there anyone who can see what would cause this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: And here is my published link:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Share the published URL of the site. We can then look to see if there is anything blocking indexing like a robots.txt exclusion or a broken sitemap. Plus posting it here will probably get it indexed. :wink:

Thank you! My published link is

This site is generating redirect errors. Resolve those and get hosting configured first. Then you can address indexing.

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Hi, I can see your 3 URL are indexed now. But no images are indexed. See in the screenshot. There may a redirect( HTTP 301 error) problem, in your site. However, it can be solved. Check in the project setting, default domain, verify the site in Search Console, submit sitemap & robot txt. All links will be indexed.

I will try this, thanks!

Thanks! I fixed it (partially)

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