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Google search console - sitemap cannot be read


I’ve got an issue with the sitemap in the Google search console after creating and putting live a new website on the same URL.

What I did was setting up some 301 redirects in the hosting tab to help Google find the new URL’s and to maintain our search engine ranking. However for some reason Google couldn’t read the sitemap because of a 301 error. Opening the sitemap in the Google search console however works fine…

I then removed every 301 redirect and voila: sitemap could be read again.

Now after only setting up one 301 redirect the Webflow server respons is somehow screwed up and Google again can’t find my sitemap.xml again.

It looks like setting up 301 redirects also has an impact on the Google search console and makes the sitemap.xml unreadable.

Anyone with the same experience and knowing how to fix this?




We are having the same experience. Google can’t find the sitemap because of the 301 error. I removed all redirect on Webflow but there are other redirects set up for this site outside webflow.

The client is very frustrated and I don’t know what else to do.

Unfortunately not :frowning:

@WebflowCommunityTeam can you please have a look? It looks like a problem we cannot solve without choosing between two bads:

  1. Remove all 301 redirects and thus compromising search engine ranking (but sitemap can be read)
  2. Keep 301 redirects meaning Google cannot read the sitemap.xml


Okay, I don’t know if my situation was exactly the same lol
But I found out that if your default address is the naked domain (without the www.) Google doesnt like it and creates this weird 301 redirect error.

Hope this helps

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got the same issue without the www. i am quite sure there’s something i cannot understand.
anyone who can update or share some insights is very welcome. thanks

Alright, I just changed my default domain to www. and published the website. After that added a new sitemap URL with www. to the search console and now it works…

Great (but weird)!

So for now I’m ok as I don’t have a preference for the domain with or without the www but it seems to me that this is still an issue that exists if you prefer the ‘naked’ domain name in the URL.

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Yeah, I had the exact same issue. Changed the custom domain to default for www.

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Hi All,

As I have seen many related posts, the inquiry here, and those who reach out to us in Support, the current setup for connecting to Webflow hosting is to have 2 A Records and a CNAME record.

In this configuration you MUST always set the ‘www’ (CNAME Record) as the Default domain in your project’s Hosting settings. Otherwise you will continue to see redirect issues with Google and other 3rd party systems. You may also see the “ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS” error as well.

Anytime this is seen, please make sure to have the, .net, etc.) set as the Default domain.

All modern browsers remove the ‘www’ from the address bar anyways.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon