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SEO google image search

How can I SEO my site so the images show up in google image search? My page is, and I would like for people to find images from my page when they search for “Catino” for example. I have tried to name the files “catino_blablabla.jpg”, but that doesn’t seem to do the job.


Hi @catino, check this article first:

Webflow helps you to get your images found by letting you put in your own Alt tags for each image. Otherwise, it is as google said, a matter of them indexing your site.

Hopefully that helps.

Cheers, Dave

Thanks @cyberdave.
Is the tag option also available for images that act as backgrounds in containers (can’t find it)?

Hi @catino, at the moment, it is not possible to add the alt tag to the background image of an element. There might be some custom css or custom code solution you can try and experiment with, but in the Webflow UI, we do not have that kind of support for the background-image. Cheers, Dave

I wonder myself if this works? But what i do is giving the pictures (beside the name) a keyword and description in Photoshop’s file info. Anyone knows?

Hi @koen, I am not sure that google will read that data in the actual file, I think not, but not 100% sure on that. One other thing that you can do, is to create a Rich Snippet for the image, which will link your image, to your business in search results… You add Google Rich Snippets tags using the custom code panel of the Site Settings in Webflow. You just add your Rich Snippet Meta tags to the HEAD section.

Here is more information on Rich Snippets.

That may or may not work for you, I have not tested the use case for this, if adding a Rich Snippet will help your image show up in Google Images or not…

Cheers, Dave

Thanks Dave, i gonna use this for sure! Rgrs, Koen