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SEO Advice when moving domains/Webflow Setup

Hello there,
I am in the process of moving our website which was originally built on Adobe Muse. The original website had a extension and has been doing very well in google search results. I know on Webflow there are 301 redirects to pages which can help with SEO - I m curious to know of anyone who has made a move from to .com and how the experience was with regards to search engine traffic. Was there any loss? I realise that results for something like this will vary from site to site etc - just trying to get some views on this for a final decision. Due to client privacy agreements I cannot go into anything specific as such about the sites in question. Would it be perhaps better to do the re-directs first where the stays for now and somewhere down the line a second step is taken to move to .com? Or would this be better in one swoop? Any comments, suggestions would be most welcome.

Hey Cheeky,

Here is a helpful step-by-step guide about moving domain names. It’s helped me in the past.


Yes. For X time also keep the old site (Why? Because if something goes wrong - you have “backup” instead of 404 + Its take some time for google to re-index).

Case 1 (same slug)

  • muse site - slug: /about
  • webflow site - slug: /about

…rest of the pages with same slug (No need for 301 under webflow only “redirect the entire site” (Domain setting))

Case 2 - diff slug

  • muse: /team
  • webflow: /our-team

In this case - redirect the entire site + add 301 (Otherwise you get 404)

Case 3 - remove page

  • muse: /services/web-design
  • webflow: no such page

Add 301 (From /services/web-design to the most relevant page). Over time google will remove /services/web-design from search results (Fetch as google to speed up this).

Also an option:
Google Search Help : Remove outdated content


Check your index status like this (google search per site)

Dear Siton_systems

Many thanks for taking time out to help me understand better the implications of moving domains - this is extremely useful - sorry I could not respond earlier I have been away at a conference. This is just the kind of information I needed - I think I will just do the 301 directs now to Webflow and in future move to a new domain rather than do too much too soon and risk SEO gains - Once again TY SO MUCH FOR THIS !!!

Hi DesignsBYDre - ty so much for this information - I will go through this in the evening - I have been away on a conference hence the slow response - your advice is very much appreciated - ty once again