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I’d appreciate a quick bit of advice to get my head around 301 redirect usage. I’ve done a complete rebrand with my new client (name change, new url etc.) Now their old website is ranked very high on google, would i use a 301 redirect in this case? So from the old address (they’ll be using the new one in the future). And am i right in thinking this will also help with seo?

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I’m not well-versed in SEO whatsoever, so take this with a grain of salt and do your own research, but:

If you’re the new website you built has the same pages but different links or link structures (www.domain.com/company/about-us vs www.domain.com/about-us), you should use a 301 redirect to indicate to the search engines that the page has permanently moved. This should help to mitigate the issue of the user receiving Error 404.

However, I do think that the best solution, if at all possible, is to match the page links from the old website to the page links on the new website.


If you had an old Services page at www.domain.com/services, and you simply just re-designed the page, I would keep the URL as-is if I could.

That’s not always possible, but if you can do it, it’d be helpful!

This article could be of some assistance to you in mitigating the drop in ranking that comes with re-designing a website: https://www.webfx.com/blog/web-design/fix-avoid-traffic-drops-website-redesign/

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Thanks Matt

I’ll have a close read of the article you’ve supplied. I know what you mean about seo stuff, I’m following all the webflow vids closely and crossing fingers it helps

Lets see how it goes. Thanks as always and hope you’re well

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