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Sending forms from an exported site

Once i export the site and upload it to a different server the form wont send the email anymore.

There’s a similar topic here but i need some help explaining what needs to be done.

URGENT help please.

If you are self-hosting…
you should be able to use Webflows server for forms
unless you changed the action and html meta info.

If you changed it… you need to provide your own form processing script.

Hi @Revolution.

Thank you for your reply.
The site would be hosted on a VPS, can the submission go through the Webflow servers?

yes. as long as you don’t remove / change the html tag


Webflow uses the attributes to identify the sending website

If you change / remove the attributes… Webflow will not know who you are. You could be a hacker.

and the form tag

Webflow looks for data in the data-name attribute.

If you want to send your own messages (not using Webflow)…
you need to modify the form tag to include the action and method attributes.

action: sendmsg.php
method: post

however… (I’ve been busy working and haven’t been on the forums for a while)

I’ve been scanning the message posts this morning…

There seems to be an issue with sending messages via form data through Webflow ???

So (to test this) I just created a dummy project and tried to send a message (about 5 minutes ago).

Message still hasn’t arrived.

Update: Message arrived… so Webflow form delivery works for me.

Interesting that the delivery time is 2 hours behind me…

  • which is the same the dedicated server the site is on.
  • Makes sense - but I didn’t think about that before.

This specific server is in Salt Lake Utah… 2 hours behind me.

I had assumed the message time would be the same as (where ever Webflows server is located).