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Form Submissions after Export

I created a site for a client who is hosting it elsewhere. I made sure that none of the forms have any action URL, as they are handling this on their end.

However, someone filled out a form on their site (while it is hosted on their own servers) - and I received a Webflow form notification email with the form info. I double checked that the form currently has no action URL.

Does anyone know how can I make sure that the form handling is totally outside of Webflow? Is there a piece of the webflow.js file I need to change?


Change action to your submit url
and the method to post

@Revolution do you know if this will ensure that no form data is sent to webflow’s servers at all? Thanks

Only one way to find out…

  • but it is what I do… with every site I develop.

Change the Action to the Submit URL

And change the Method to Post…

  • so form data is not sent via the url

If I remember correctly…

  • their js script captures the form submit and performs an ajax call.

You can test it right in the exported code without even using Webflow.

Locate the form tag and make the 2 changes.

A lot of our sites dynamically change the url as well
but that’s a different topic.

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