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Can't make the form element working on exported site

The form doesn’t send no submissions after I exported it on my own hosting.

My account plan is free ATM.

What I’ve tried:
a) set form action via formspree. It doesn’t work. It just shows me the “w-form-fail” div without any delay.
b) create my own send.php and set form action to it. Doesn’t work. Same symptoms.

Having no idea how the webflow university solution even supposed to work. It just doesn’t do for me.

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Hey @Homebound

Can you share the url here?

Piter :webflow_heart:

No, I cannot.
Although my investigaion led me to fixing things in HTML to make formspree work correctly.
Send.php were checked several times and through different resources and it was all good.
I contacted my hosting provider ( about SMTP-side. After 80 minutes of research they said JS-scripts are the problem. Data doesn’t even reach send.php file.