Webflow form and zapier webhook

We have a website with a form that needs to parse data to 3rd party app through Zapier. We received a webhook. I added a webhook to the action field of the form. The data passed, but at the same time, the new page opened with some code in it. I don’t want any redirect, just a success/error message.

I integrated our Zapier account with our Webflow account for test purposes, which worked well with the form. The data was passed to Zapier, and the form showed a ‘success’ message.

I need to learn how to make it work with the webhook I received without giving 3rd company access to our Webflow account.

The site is biolitewellness.com


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When you submit via a webhook action, you get more control but you also get a webhook response that you have to process. Sygnal Attributes has a toolset which will handle the response and display your form’s success/failure messages accordingly.


Yes slightly different approach, this uses a Webflow Form Submit trigger in Zapier instead of the Webhook trigger. Main practical differences-

  • Webhook goes direct, and sends directly from your page
  • Form submit / integration goes through the Webflow form handler, so you use a form submission credit, and might be spam-filters ( could be good, could be bad ).

My guess is you’d get more spam through the Webflow one currently, since the spammer gateway attacks also get picked up sometimes as valid submits, even though they didn’t actually happen through your form itself.

Depends on what you’re needing done. My library above will fix the form-display side of things. If you’re trying to get a response back and display it or act accordingly, Zapier won’t work because it does not have a webhook response feature. You’d need to switch to Make, n8n, Pipedream… something else.

If you’re needing programming done, it can technically be done without access to your project, but it’s a bit more work for the developer. For Sygnal’s clients I built a “devproxy” setup which allows us to fully develop and test the coding layer independently of the site.

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Michael, thank you very much for your help. I used the script from the link you provided. The form started responding correctly, and I received information from the service provider that all the data is being sent to their Zapier.

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