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How to redirect to a URL when posting form data to a Webhook URL as well?

Hi guys,

I wanted to connect Zapier with my webflow site. It seems easy enough. Zapier simply provides a “webhook” url which I put into the “form action” part of my webflow form and set it to “POST”.

All works on Zapiers end.

However, when doing this, my redirect URL set in Webflow does not work. It simply redirects to the Zapier webhook URL, but ignores the actual URL I want it to redirect to.

I have attached a screenshot showing my settings.

Is there any way to get Webflow to connect with the Zapier webhook URL but still redirect the user to the actual page I want them to see afterwards?

Thanks very much! :smile:

Hi @krzysiek, thanks for your question, sorry for the delay, the page redirect only works when you are using Webflow Forms processing. If you point your action property at Zapier, then Webflow will not automatically redirect… Cheers, Dave

Hi @krzysiek, we just released Zapier support, check it out!

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