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Selling Website as Template

Hey, fellow users.

I have a simple question,
Is it allowed to sell a website made in Webflow with just general blocks and the pre-made layouts made by Webflow and sell it as a template? As long as I own rights to all images and such used also.

Webflow reviews all submissions. Personally I doubt that would get approved but I am not the one to make that decision! Good luck.

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I’m not really sure what further response you’re hoping to get.

I’m not sure if you mean selling through the official Webflow template system or by your own, but it it’s the latter, sure, there are lots of people selling their templates.

The only problem is that you have to manually transfer the clonable project to your customers unless you want it shared publicly on the showcase.

Oh yeah, I thought about exporting a website made with Webflow objects and pre-made sections and sell the source files to others on a marketplace :).