Selling a website I designed in Webflow to others online

Hello Floks, Is it safe to use my designed website here in webflow and sell it online?

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Hey @lestergonzales - Yep, you’re free to do that, as long as you made the design yourself.

However, if you based your site on a template from our Template Marketplace, then you have to abide by the license of the particular template (usually a single-use license).

Thanks sir @callmevlad , cause I plan to sell some of my works on creative market.

@callmevlad cool. just to clear things up. Can we sell our WF themes to WF Template Marketplace and how? xD

Check out this guide:


So how would we take our WebFlow design to creative market? Export and ??

Submitting a design for review

Email the following information to to submit your template:

  1. A link to your Webflow sub-domain (ex:
  2. A link to your online porfolio with other websites you have designed.

You do not have to export your design code out of Webflow. Just send the link to the WF team.

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@PixelGeek I was asking about steps to take a Webflow project and then sell it on Creative Market…not the Webflow template area. I assume it would need exported and possibly some code cleaned up, handling forms might require some work. Hoping someone in the forum has done this and would be willing to share the process.

good question. others want to know this as well.