Selling webflow templates on your own platform

Is it possible to sell Webflow templates on your own website, not through the Webflow platform? And how would one do this, make it cloneable and private (without making it free)?

Hi @Londya_England

The optimum way to do this would be very similar to designing a site for a client and then transferring it to the client’s Webflow account when complete, which many designers do. (requires Pro or Team Designer plan)

You would need your own mechanism for payments, and to make it clear that these are independent templates, with a statement of your support level, then manually transfer the site/template over to the customer’s Webflow account email when payment is complete.

For taking payments - have a look at @foxy or @paywithplasso or if you can hold tight until…‘soon…ish’ then there is on the horizon…

Alternatively there are third party providers you might be able to list with - CreativeMarket and ThemeForest for example.

Your initial idea would kind of work, but in order to make it cloneable you need to make it showcased (public) which risks another user cloning it in the meantime + there’s no way to make it not ‘free’ either.

Hope that makes sense, and is useful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yea that makes sense. Thanks for replying!

@StuM Thanks for the mention.

@Londya_England Super nice to meet you. Foxy can definitely help with this. In fact, I’m pretty sure we have a couple of Foxy + Webflow users doing this exact thing.

You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here: Feel free to private message, email us, or we can even setup a phone/Skype call to go over your needs and help you get started very quickly.