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Am I allowed to sell my own Webflow Templates?

Hey, the question is simple:
Am I allowed to sell my Webflow Templates on my own Website and not on the offical WebflowTemplate.

Thanks for your time,

Webflow templates are exclusive for the Webflow Marketplace. Template designers must not resell the same template on any other marketplace or service.

But if I design my own „templates“, I am allowed to sell these or is webflow the only „template provider“ allowed

Where did you copy this / get this information from?

@Soe02 - I suggest reaching out to Webflow via support to get your answer. I could not find one when I looked.

Hi, @Soe02 great question!

First, I’d like to encourage you to consider applying to sell your Webflow built site templates here.

Regarding selling your own original site designs, you can sell those, though it may be a bit more of a manual process with transferring site duplicates to your clients. There aren’t any integrations at this time to perform the sale and send a project to another Webflow account unless the templates are sold through our marketplace.

I hope that this is helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hey @all,

thanks for all the answers,
I thought about submitting my templates to you, but there are so many requirements!
But still, thanks, very nice and fast answers

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