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Seeking for a Event Calendar

Hi Guys

Im currently building this site for a customer. She demands an Event Calender which she or myself can edit. looked like the perfect solution first. It has its own backend and its pretty simple. But unfortunately its only in english… Since we are looking for a german solution, couldnt help us.
I know that you also can integrate Google Calendar but the Layout style is not as good as for example.

So, is there any other way to integrate a Event Calender in German? I was looking all across the internet but couldnt find anything.
It should have a little bit of information about the events, maybe a picture, and a date section. thats it.

Thank you in advance


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Bubble-Media

What about using the Webflow CMS?

@PixelGeek built this in a workshop and may be able to provide a clone-able link for you to see how it was built:

Could that kind of thing work for this client?

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Hey @Bubble-Media,

I’ve done a project with event brite

for a client who wanted a lot of extras (booking, paiements…)
It’s very complete and i think they have german language.
Hope this helps,

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