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Would like feedback

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

I’ve been building websites here in Webflow for about a year and would like to get some feedback on the sites I’ve built. I wasn’t sure how anyone would feel about me posting 5 different sites for feedback, so I figured I would go with just one for now, which is my company website. I am looking for good, professional feedback from other web designers and developers because I’m mostly here in a vacuum and I would like to grow. If there is anyone who would like to critique the others I’ve built as well, I would appreciate your time.

Here is my company site-

Thanks for your time!

Hello, so I’ll try to critique my best on all the problems I found with your site. Notice, this is not to upset you but to help you to improve.

  1. When I looked at the hero, sadly i felt as this hero was ripped off from a 2002 beach commercial. The text didn’t help much either. As I understand you would associate the beach with happy I think I am overwhelmed with all the ‘happiness’ when you add cursive fonts as well as sub-text that does not compliment the headings (in my opinion)

  2. The first thing I read were you were Christ centered, family business. Thats great, you have gained my trust. :wink: But you have also made me feel as you make websites for churches. Because throughout the whole time on the site I spent, I was comparing everything to how a church website would look.

  3. Also, I think the headings make it look even more old style with the soft gradient as a shadow. I would rather like to see something more flat and bold. With so many agencies out there it is better to have a website that makes a bold statement as to attract the users. The website I have currently been viewing, although relaxes me, does not give me anything to say WOW upon. If I were to decide whether I would like an agency that gives a slight Boom feature to the audience, or a relaxing website, I would choose the Boom website.

This is because I assume that they will build me a site containing some Wow feature as well. From my experience [and this is just my experience] the style your brand’s website is, those are the clients you will get that would like a similar style. And this is great, but a lot are moving towards a more boom style rather than relaxed. Users want something to draw their attention constantly. And in my opinion this site fails to do so as it is right now.

But I see plenty of room for improvement. Hope this has helped in any way. I was not trying to be rude in any way, just realistic in what I feel is wrong and needs to be changed.

Hope this helped. :grinning: