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Live Preview of Custom Code and Embedded Code in the Designer

Would love for this to make it happen, for example
if i want to embed some third party software created form, would love to display instantly
after you press “preview site” or the eye on top left.



Totally agree. Webflow Team: this is really essential, especially for cases where you have no plan to EVER publish your work but are using it for prototyping purposes. In such cases, you are currently forced to publish it (which can mean you are forced to upgrade to Pro account if you want to be able to share ONLY with stakeholders; i.e. password protection). If this feature cannot be implemented right away, then you should at least allow password protection for a limited number of sites for Personal level users. It seems painful to pay double just for this one little thing I might only need once.

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I’m a new user and this is huge issue I’ve had right off the bat. Adding custom CSS like global font smoothing won’t show up in the “Designer” which is really frustrating. Also adding my own custom JS for triggering animations that “Designer” can’t handle. I have to publish just to see these things working.