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Anyway to see custom CSS effective in the editor?

As my topic title mentions, is there an option to see custom css in action, in the editor?

In that I mean, for example I have custom css in the Custom Code are -

style type="text/css">
.contact-message {
position: relative;
top: 50%;
transform: translateY(-50%);

This is to enable me to use vertical alignment on an element. When I go back to my editor this css is not in effect though? It is only in effect when you export, which makes things a little awkward whilst your developing, as I do like to see things pixel perfect before I export, like most people would i’m sure?

Any workaround?


Hi @marcremblance currently there isn’t. We’re thinking about a way to do this so that the UI will take into consideration custom code. Not ETA on that.

Why not create that class and add those styles directly in Webflow? You can do relative positioning, top, and transform.

Got it :wink:

thanks Sergie

Hi @thesergie, sorry to revisit and raise this again, but it is very important for us.

Having my code organised instead of all over the place is a big deal on our team, since there are many HTML+CSS+JS adaptations we need to do for what will later be our code base.

Since there is no way to embed CSS in the project’s CSS file or JS in JS file, the only single place to add code to is the ‘custom code’ section.

Do you have any plan to make the code on ‘Custom Code’ work on the editor or at least on view mode?


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Yes we’ve been thinking a lot about that and plan on moving a lot of settings that are currently outside the designer into the designer. Thanks for your feedback! We’re definitely considering your type of workflow.


When you say you’ve [quote=“thesergie, post:5, topic:1810”]
been thinking a lot about … moving a lot of settings that are currently outside the designer into the designer
[/quote] I hope that includes adding fonts, especially the Google Fonts … would save a lot of back and forth when initially starting up a site and fine tuning font combinations :smile: @thesergie

Totally! Fonts would be one of the first to move over. :thumbsup:

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You guys really are the best :wink:


Much appreciated, while I know that you are a (dedicated) small team of 5.

Right now I view Webflow as a great design tool but have some limitations of using it as a dev tool.
On the long run, it you could make both I see a bright future for you guys.