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Section not spanning to full width once created

Hi guys totally new to webflow, but been watching a lot of tutorials and every time someone makes a Section they say by default it stretches to full width.

Mine never does even if I put content in it.

Hi and welcome :webflow_heart:

At first glance it seems that something wrong, it might be a bug - but we didn’t see your project yet. For diving into your issue we need your project read only link - here is how to share

its empty really but okay here it is :


hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot but I promise I did watch at least the tutorials on margin and padding.

When YOU open it it says you have a margin, but when I open it its zero , take a look.

How do I upload a video anyway?

Found it

The body should be with 0px margin on both sides

Damn I feel stupid, thanks for taking the time to help.