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Text won't span the full width of page

Can you please help me understand why all the elements of the page I’m designing is intending to the left? It appears alright after publishing but almost impossible to work on otherwise. Not sure if I messed up some setting somewhere but it’s very frustrating.

In the below image, ideally what should have been a block is not spanning across thousands of lines that I have to scroll through to access or edit. Please help.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, @askwebflow! Looks like it’s the first time you’re posting on the forums. Welcome :slight_smile:

I am happy to help, but can you do a couple things first:

  • This question should really be it’s own post; not part of this thread. Can you please create a new post with this question and tag me?

  • In that new post, can you add your read-only link so I, and the rest of the community, can help you better. This is basically a link that let’s us view your website editor while disallowing us from making any changes. Here’s a quick overview on how to get that read-only link.


I moved your question here. As @myonke said please share your read-only.

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Thanks for a quick response.

The read-only link won’t help because I’m having trouble with the editor. After publishing my web page/ project, all the components are in place and it appears fine. But the same is not the case with the editor. It suddenly started acting weird and I’m working on a very important project.

Also point to note is that, there’s a star on the desktop-view icon on the toolbar.

I have shared a screenshot below to explain things better. Again, all elements are intending to the left and there’s massive white space on the right.

Hey myonke, I think a new post is already created. And I shared more details here.

Guys I’m facing the same problem even after creating a new project and a new page. I’m in a middle of a deadline, please help.

Why do you guys not have any kind of support? Whether phone or email or anything.

Request experts to kindly weigh in.

I suggest you post your read only for anyone to be able to see what could be the issue. I suspect it can be related to the recent bug with the new chrome update as discussed here.

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Just checked the post, and I strongly feel it’s the same issue.

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Yes, probably that’s the issue. Meanwhile you may try disabling show empty elements option.
Image 2020-04-12 at 6.20.36 PM