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Section anchors do not exist!

the sections I have do not exist in the dropdown list when I want to link them in the menu. Instead, section names which do not exist appear. This should definitely not happen!

Please see attached 2 screenshots: the list of my actual sections which I need to link and the list with weird stuff.
sections notfound

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You’ll need to make sure each section includes an appropriate id or else you won’t be able to choose it as an option in the page section link dropdown:

If you’re still having issues, please include your read-only link so I (or someone else in the community) can take a look into the issue.

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arrrghhh … I was quite sure if the sections have their names it is the ID already. But of course, you are absolutely right! The ID was not given properly. I corrected it now and it all worked.

Since there are so many other non-used IDs in the list I thought it’s a bug. Btw., I meanwhile erased all unused IDs.
Thank you Mikeyevin, that was quick and helpful!

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