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In-page anchor links not working with vertical nav bar

I have followed this tutorial to create a vertical navigation menu. I am now trying to use link blocks to link them to sections in the page. I have followed this tutorial, and checked many past links in the community; however, nothing is working.

I would appreciate if somebody could help me out :smiley:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK


In your read only you haven’t set any id’s.

  1. You need a section with unique id
  2. A link that goes to that section.

Just as the tutorial says.

Maybe you need to explain what it is that doesn’t work for you.

Ah I think I see the problem now. You need to use links not just text blocks. You can’t use that if you want to link to sections.

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Thank you for you help, but it still does not work with links, link blocks, or buttons.

I have updated the read-only site with a link to show it is still not working.

What do you think could be up?


No he’s saying the “Sections” you are linking to need an “ID” typed into the section first. You may have done that, but your page seems a little chaotic. Try deleting this page. Start over and do a simple 3 or 4 section of blocks that span full width, each 900px. Set each section with an ID. Then add a top div as the header, put a button in it and link it.

Try fresh.

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I made this to help you out :grinning:

Preview link:

Hope it helps

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