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Page section navigation anchors incorrectly

Hi I’m relatively new to webflow,

In the middle of designing a new website that includes a side navigation directing to sections within the page.

I have done this as the video tutorials show, giving the section an ID and then attaching that ID to the link block in the navbar.

However when selecting a link to go to the selected section that page anchors in reverse so the top of the section loads at the bottom of the screen instead of the top, so the section that has been selected starts below the viewport (out of view) not from the top of the viewport (in view).

Strangely on the computer I am using with google chrome this works as it should on the published link but not within the designer, but the anchoring problem occurs also on other web browsers like Safari and even on google chrome on other computers/devices when viewing both the designer and published link.

Can anyone locate the issue? I am finding it very difficult to locate the problem.

Thank you.

Site read only link (page “Kengis Bruk”):

Preview page with problem:

Check top padding on the section, remove it. And add each section to be 100vh. Give that a try.

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