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Search used classes / elements


is there a function for used classes? I looking or a class that is be used, but I can’t find the element which use this class. :frowning:


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I think that there’s no way to search classes at this point. Try to define your classes at the beginning of the project. Makes the process a lot easier and structured. If you want you can look in the style manager. Top right next to the navigator (the three drops)



Hello @Toby

There is a way to find elements with certain classes in webflow:

  1. First of all. If you know the class you’re looking for assign that same class to a new dragged element
  2. Once you’ve added the class that you’re looking for to this new added element you’ll see under the class selector box a target icon indicating the number of elements that have that same class on that page and in other pages:

  1. If you click on the target icon the border of your element will turn pink:


  1. All the elements with that same class their border turn pink as well:

NOTE: Be aware that if you’re element has a combo class added the border wont turn up pink it’s affected by another class and you will have to look for that other combo class instead.

I hope this helps a bit.


cool. I’ll try this workaround


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But when I search for the name of a class, it’s a real bummer.

This is such a cool tip and still works even in 2021. Thanks a lot!