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See which page every class appears on

I good and nice thing would be the opportunity to see which page a specific class appears on.
E.g, If i click on H1 heading class “MainHeader” I can see that class appears on the pages “About”, “Contact” etc.

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@StevenP I would love to have Webflow highlight classes in the style manager. I try to build highly reusable class characteristics to make it compact, quick and dry. I try to use obvious descriptives for naming, but it is kind of overwhelming to locate and rename even on a small 2 page site when I am trying to clean up and abstract styles.

Example: select object on stage in layout - highlight relevant and nested classes in the style manager. Follow the established inheritance color coding (blue & orange).

Some of the 3D apps I have worked with for a decade have developed excellent tools for this when they struggled through amazing complexity. Somewhere along the evolution tremendous clarity comes through filtering (show only those used in the selected / used in selected and children / used on this page for example).

We can see a class instantly in the style tab when selecting the object. If you had the ability to click on the class and edit the name here or cross / reveal in style manager it would also go a long way to locating and renaming and keeping things clean.

I know that is a big wishlist, but you guys create that kind of intuitive interaction and more throughout webflow. For all I know it already does all of the above and I just haven’t discovered it yet :slight_smile:

I just realized I can use browser find… I will catch on eventually :wink: