Tutorial about using classes


where can i find a easy and detailed tutorial about using classes. Since the last update it seems that is needed. Who can i work with classes generally. Or when did i use global classes or “combo classes”. The using of the combo classes, thats my interest how i can do this…


I’m seeking the same information. I can’t find any detailed information about working with classes.

Because classes are absolutely central to styling, this seems like it’s something that a lot of people could benefit from. The existing “tutorial” (http://help.webflow.com/lesson/using-classes-and-adding-styles) does not explain how to work with them, although it’s a great sales pitch.

It would be wonderful if the information could also include how to created re-usable classes that are not locked in as combo classes. (Others have mentioned creating a page just for these types of classes – a sort of ad-hoc style guide.)

Please, please, please?

The latest Webflow webinar was about naming classes:

For others who are also looking for help with classes:

There seem to be only a few minutes in this webinar in which the presenters discuss naming classes.

This is what I got from the video (which I hurried through, trying to find helpful information):

Keep class naming “relatively shallow.” I think by this, he might have meant that you should name sections with a top-level name (such as “Hero Section”) and then use short names for elements within that section. He might also have meant that you should avoid nesting a lot of elements. Not really sure…

Still hoping for some detailed instructional material…