Scroll Into View with Buttons

Hey folks,

We’re starting to mess around with the “Scroll into view” Interactions 2.0

Having said that, everything’s working fine except for buttons. If you look at, the second section animations work fine except for the yellow button which has an odd delay, despite it having the same animation as the text above. Does anyone have a solution for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I saw the secon button, yeah there’s a little movement but not much. But if you’re like me, that would bug me a little too :slight_smile:

Also, all of the buttons have a slight ‘jar’ on hover. My experience, it happens - using a scale and hover. But the hover is in css, scale is in interactions… so logically they actually happen after one another.

In this case your scale is delay slightly after the hover. Try adding the scale in css styles instead of interactions. Oh but you want to reuse the effect, right?

The only question is do all the buttons have the same class? If so, you can add combo class, then all the buttons will have the same timing on hover.

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